Effective January 1, 2016

Type of Membership Joiner Fee Monthly Rate
Youth $20 $20.00
Young Adult $20 $44.50
Adult $60 $54.50
One-Parent Family $60 $67.50
Two-Parent Family $80 $77.50

Membership Category Definitions

Children between the ages of 0-17 or still in high school.

Young Adult
Individuals ages 18-25.

Individuals ages 26 and older.

One-Parent Family
One adult with dependent children (under 18 or still in High School)

Two-Parent Family
Includes two adults with or without dependent children (under 18 or still in High School), living together as a family unit. The two adults in the family can be identified as the member wishes (spouse, significant other, partner, two sisters, mother/daughter, etc…) with the exception of roommates. Additional adults also dependent on the family, may be included in the membership for an additional fee of $15 per month, per adult (including PCAs and Nannies). Proof of common permanent address is required.

Kit Lockers, Towels and Laundry Service                   

We do provide one free towel per visit.  Additional towels are available for $.25  If you would like to keep things here permanently or have your workout clothes washed, we have the below options available:

Towels: Each member receives one towel free per visit. Additional towels are available for $.25

Kit Locker Only:  $9 (+ tax) per month

Kit Locker + Laundry + 2 Towels Per Visit:  $24 (+ tax) per month per person

How to Sign Up for a Membership

Simply decide on a membership type (see above) and payment option (see below). Stop by our Member Service Desk and let them know you would like to sign up for a membership. It usually takes about 15 minutes to sign up (allow another 15 minutes if you need a tour). Your membership will begin the moment you sign up.

What to Bring: Photo id, voided check, blank deposit slip or debit/credit card and a big smile because you’re about to change your life.

Payment Options

You can pay your membership dues in one of three ways:

  1. Bank Draft – An easy way to pay! Your checking or savings account is deducted on the 25th of each month as long as you are a member. Simply bring in a voided check or blank deposit slip with your account numbers.
  2. Credit Card or Debit Card – Convenient! Your credit card is charged on the 25th of each month as long as you are a member. Simply bring in your credit card to our Member Service Desk.
  3. Annual Payment – Dues may be paid in full upon joining and yearly thereafter. Payment is accepted via cash, check, Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

Our memberships are on-going and you can decide to cancel or freeze your membership at anytime. Just let us know by the 15th of the month so we won’t make a withdrawal on the 25th. Stop by the desk to sign for the cancellation.  Or you may download the Membership Change form and mail or fax it to us.

We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to participate in programs and services of the Y.  Personal pricing plans are available for those who are unable to afford the membership fees..

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