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Minnesota YMCA Youth in Government is a youth-led, experiential learning opportunity for youth in 7th through 12th grade that involves 1,800 middle-school and high school students each year.  It is a nation-wide program, active in nearly 40 states.  Across the country almost 25,000 students attend state Youth in Government conferences each year, with 3,300 adult volunteers and Y staff serving as advisors.

  • Join youth leaders from around the state to debate issues that are important to you.
  • Listen to delegates with different experiences.
  • Research public issues and become aware of local, state, national and international concerns.
  • Accept your civic responsibilities and your leadership role.
  • Let your voice be heard and get involved in the decision-making process!

Minnesota is among the top programs, nationally, in terms of quality and number of students. 60% of participants and 55% of youth program leaders are girls. Additionally, nearly two-thirds of all eligible students return the next year.

Youth in Government builds a sense of responsibility and passion for issues, the desire to make a difference, citizenship skills, and values in the lives of teens. Ultimately, Youth in Government programs help mold character in students with a strong focus on leadership development and citizenship-building.

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