The Journey Begins Here!

Core Camps Core Camp is where campers ages 7-12 begin their Camp Miller journey. Campers have the opportunity to grow both as individuals and as members of their peer group. Cabin groups live, work, and play together, enjoying activities as a group while learning to respect each other’s differences. Campers gain independence and decision making skills while learning new hobbies through a large choice of camp activities.

From morning "thought of the day” to bedtime “taps talks” campers grow in spirit, mind, and body, learning YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in a supportive setting. Evening activities bring all cabin groups together to enjoy campfires and large-group games like capture the flag.


Trekkers Section

Trekkers (Grades 2-3)

The Trekkers program is your camper’s introduction to Camp Miller. Campers in this age group get to try out a little bit of all of the activities we offer with their cabinmates. We keep the ratio at 1 counselor for every 4 campers in the program to help campers adjust to independent living and decision making at camp. Swimming lessons are also offered to this age group for campers who do not pass the swim assessment. Campers in this age group sleep in cabins with a bathroom right inside their own cabin.


Pathfinders Section

Pathfinders (Grades 4-5)

The Pathfinders program allows campers to explore their own passions and skills when they select their own Personal Enrichment Groups (PEG’s). Each morning, campers will decide what their activities will be for the week and set goals to accomplish weather at the archery range, climbing wall, or lakefront. Campers in this group spend one night camping out at one of our on-property campsites as they begin to gain skills in wilderness camping including fire building and tent set-up. Campers in this age group may or may not sleep in cabins that have bathrooms inside their cabins.

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Mountain Climbers Section

Mountain Climbers (Grades 6-7)

The Mountain Climbers program offers campers a chance to show their leadership skills as the oldest campers in Core Camp. Mountain Climbers are the big brother or big sister cabins to our Trekkers and help our youngest campers learn all about Camp Miller and our values. Campers may also sign up to lead the camp in a song before a meal, present a thought of the day, or lead a group discussion during “Taps Talk”. Campers also participate in our high ropes elements for the first time. These campers are able to create their own schedule with more options that include mountain biking with an option off-site bike trip, hiking to the top of Ely’s Peak, and experiencing a hike, canoe, or mountain bike based overnight campout.

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