Our goal as an organization is to fill community needs.  Our vision is to be accessible and affordable for all people.  Our annual campaign is a chance to tell our story and raise the money necessary to support the most pressing and impactful initiatives in our community.  

When we come together as an organization, as a community, as people –we can make a difference in the lives of those around us.  We can create and protect a space where all are welcome, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation, or financial status.  We are proud of that and need your help in leading our community.  



Your participation will further the work of the Y.  There are three amazing ways to get involved: 1) Tell our story, 2) volunteer your time, and 3) donate financially.  All three support the mission and build a stronger community.  

With your participation – 

We will raise the necessary funds for our financial and scholarship assistance. 

We will continue to lead top-quality afterschool programs; we are currently in 15 separate sites.   

We will build stronger swimmers for life through our Safety Around Water program.  

We will provide food security for youth during out of school times with our Food Access initiatives. 

We will ensure our community knows our mission.   


People in our community, especially our youth, are facing challenges related to hunger, health, water safety, and feeling a sense of belonging. The Y is helping them overcome those challenges and reach their full potential. 

  • 1 in 8 Duluth families who participate in YMCA programs, memberships and services are subsidized through the Y Scholarship program.  Many families simply cannot do it alone.   

GIFT GIVING IMPACT ON THE Y MISSION –A little or a lot can make a big difference.  

Pledge to give a one-time gift or become a sustaining supporter and give monthly, over time, that small deduction makes a real difference.   



  • $5/month or a one-time gift of $60 sponsors a child in swim lessons.   

  • $10/month or a one-time gift of $120 sponsors food access across our community.  

  • $20/month or a one-time gift of $240 sponsors youth getting outside and keeps them active through Day Camp.  

  • $30/month or a one-time gift of $360 sponsors working families through childcare assistance. 

  • $40/month or a one-time gift of $480 sponsors a safe place for a homeless family for 6 months. 

  • $50/month or a one-time gift of $600 sponsors a week of Summer Camp.  

  • $60/month or a one-time gift of $720 sponsors healthy initiatives for youth and families.  

  • $84/month or a one-time gift of $1,008 sponsors a child’s potential in afterschool programs.  


Last year with your support, our Y gave out over $450,000 in financial assistance and program support to our community. Every dollar donated goes to support these programs and our mission of access for all. 



Why should Y Members give?  Because TOGETHER we can make a real difference in our community.  

The Y is a cause-driven organization with a strong and diverse membership base. Alone, there is amazing work your gift can do, but combined with others, we can do so much more.  There is power in US.  

I pay my dues, doesn’t that support the Y? Your membership fees are the backbone of all the Y does and we are so grateful that you have chosen us for your family’s health and wellness.  Membership fees keep the doors open, the lights on, and allow us to hire the best trainers and staff to serve you and your family.   

Donations to the Y invite everyone inside and give them the opportunity to participate in all the Y has to offer. Financial contributions allow us to remove financial barriers to being part of the Y community. Your donation ensures that those who need us most have access to quality programs, activities, and facilities. 

What is a Sustaining Member?   We want you to give to the Y in the way that makes the most sense to you and is the most convenient to your giving needs. Monthly giving allows you to budget your donation and allows us to better plan our programs and services more effectively.   Sustaining members are those at Duluth Area Family YMCA who choose to make a monthly charitable gift to the Y. They are members who pledge their support year-round for healthier children and families.  

Do I get anything for giving? Besides the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference in the lives of your community, those who give a gift to the Y also receive:   

  • Any member who gives at any level will receive an I GAVE Key fob to show their support of the Y. 

  • All donors receive impact updates and invitations to our donor events.  

  • All donations over $1,000 ($84/month or more) qualify for our Banner Giving Program and will receive an appreciation banner which will be displayed in our facility.  

  • All donations are tax-deductible as no goods or services were rendered in exchange for your gift.  



  • Make a one-time or pledge a sustaining gift anytime at www.duluthymca.org/give; mail your donation ATTN: Development, or contact us at 218-722-4745 ext. 126.  

  • Become a Sustaining Supporter by making a monthly donation pledge.  Stop at the desk to complete the pledge form and your sustaining gift will be added to your account. 

  • Talk to your employer about whether your company has an Employee Giving Program that could double your gift. 

  • Recruit friends and family to GIVE to the Y 





Locations: Downtown YMCA