This resource list is provided as a starting point for you to find the best resource to fit your needs. It is by no means a complete list.

We have been listening to concerns of our members, and are doing what we can to help make sure our community is a safer place to live.


Essentia Health has a video providing more information about the distribution process in our community, the safety of the vaccines available, and why it is important to consider vaccination. This video was a public webinar, recorded on 1/22/2021, and can be accessed by clicking this link.

State of Minnesota Department of Health Update from Feb 3, 2021


The Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector is a new tool that helps Minnesotans find out when, where, and how to get their COVID-19 vaccine. The Vaccine Connector will:

  • alert you when you are eligible to receive a vaccine;
  • connect you to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment; and
  • notify you if there are vaccine opportunities in your area.

This tool is for all Minnesotans 18 years of age and older who have not yet been vaccinated. Insurance and identification are not needed, and signing up is free!

Sign up at Vaccine Connector by clicking here.


Live in Wisconsin? Find your vaccine information on this website.


People ages 65+ are now eligible! Most places require an appointment. Find Vaccine Locations Near You

State of Minnesota Community Vaccination Program Information

St. Louis County Vaccine information



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