Give your child the unforgettable experience of riding a horse through the tall pines! Our Ranch Camps give equine-loving campers a chance to immerse themselves in all things horse-related. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect landscape to spend time with horses than the tall pines and cool lake here at Camp Miller.

All levels of horseback campers must be able to: - get on their horse from the ground with minor assistance - lift roughly a 50lb saddle (with minor assistance) - properly learn and be able to perform an emergency dismount All levels of horseback campers must wear: - boots with a 1-inch heel (cowboy boots, zip-up boots, pull-on boots, ankle boots, lace-up boots) - long pants that go all the way down to their ankles (no bare skin showing, so they don’t get saddle rash); jeans, leggings, athletic pants, lightweight sweat pants. YMCA Camp Miller will provide certified horseback riding helmets, which must be worn at all times around the horses both on the ground and on top of the horse. Riders who have their own horseback certified riding helmets must have them checked by the Horseback Director before they will be permitted to wear them. All riding helmets expire after 5 years (there is a manufactured date on a tag, inside the helmet)

Love horses? Our Introduction to Horses Camp teaches campers how to care for the horses as if they were their own! Ranch Campers learn grooming, feeding, tacking and overall horse care, plus a daily riding lesson or trail rides with our certified instructors. Intro campers also get to share in the fun of cabin group activities and all-camp evening programs. Campers will spend 90 minutes with the horses learning all the basics, including how to ride, groom, and saddle.


Session 1 | June 21 - June 27 | $674

Session 2 | June 28 - July 1 | $500

Session 5 | July 19 - 25 | $674

Session 8 | August 9 - 15 | $674

Session 9 | August 16 - 21 | $500

This camp is great for kids with little experience with horses or kids who haven’t ridden in a long time and would like to refresh the basics. Campers will get up early morning and learn how to properly take care of their assigned horse while learning the following skills:

  • how to put on a halter
  • how to catch a horse from a small pasture
  • how to tie horse knots
  • how to groom/brush their horses
  • how to saddle (western) their horses
  • feed their horses breakfast

    During their lessons, beginner horseback campers will focus on safety skills like emergency discounts, proper trail, and arena horse spacing, horse yoga/stretching. Beginner horse camp is all walking. Depending on the whole group's ability, they will be taught how to trot at the end of the week in the arena.

    Parents, it is okay (and recommended) that campers who only ride horses at camp (not year-round) take more than one summer of beginner.


Session 1 | June 21 - June 27 | $694

Session 2 | June 28 - July 1 | $520

Session 5 | July 19 - 25 | $694

Session 8 | August 9 - 15 | $694

Session 9 | August 16 - 21 | $520

This camp is great for kids who already know the basics of horseback riding, kids who can already properly saddle/tack their horses with minor assistance., and kids who are comfortable and already know how to trot on their horse. Intermediate horseback campers must be able to properly get on their horse from the ground and must be able to properly perform an emergency dismount.

Intermediate horseback campers will get to trot on the main trail. Learn how to lead/walk their horses on the ground, while helping with the day camp ride during their session. Intermediate horseback kids will get to play the "leave game" on the trail. The week will be at trot the majority of the week. Campers will also be able to take our horses swimming in the lake! Group depending, intermediate campers will be taught how to canter in the arena towards the end of the week.

Parents, it is okay for a horseback camper to do more than one summer of intermediate horseback camp. They will enjoy Advanced Week more the stronger and more prepared they are!


Session 3 | July 5 - 11 | $794

Session 6 | July 26 - August 1 | $794

This camp is for kids who have taken several summers of our other horseback camps. For kids who ride in weekly lessons outside of camp, or kids who are comfortable cantering their horses. Advanced horseback camp is faster-paced, higher skill level and more demanding. Advanced campers will be given a refresher in the basics on day one, but they will be required to saddle/tack their horses with very little assistance. All advanced riders must know how to canter! All advanced riders must be able to get on their horses properly from the ground and properly perform an emergency dismount. Advanced campers will get to take their horses swimming in the lake and canter on our main trail. Our Advanced Riders also go on the horseback overnight at Sugar Bush Campsite, located near our camp farm! They also help with the day camp ride during their session. Depending on group ability attempt the Camp Miller Challenge, ride bareback (walk only) in the arena and canter through the small pasture.

After campers complete all levels of our Horseback Program and with a recommendation from the Horseback Director, they can apply to be a Jr. Wrangler.


Session 4 | July 12 - 18 | $794

Session 7 | August 2 - August 8 | $794