Ages & Adult-to-Child Ratios

6 weeks - 16 months


Our Teachers

We want to form a partnership with you to provide the best experience for your child. We have an educated staff who continue to devote time to continuing education so they are well trained on individual learning styles and needs of all children.

Developmental Focus

We work together with families to help support each child to grow, develop and learn while providing opportunities your child will need to:

  • show interest in their environment
  • interact with others for short periods of time
  • begin to manage frustration
  • begin to generalize experiences
  • recognize cause and effect relationships

Learning Areas

We work every day to make each interaction a learning moment for your child. Our areas of learning for infants include:

  • Art: focus is on the ways children begin to explore their senses
  • Language: focus is on the children's receptive language and beginning communication skills with loved ones and caregivers
  • Mathematics: children begin to understand patterns and predictability as they anticipate familiar routines
  • Physical Movement: focus on ways infant move involuntarily and with purpose, how they reach and grasp and use their hands and fingers
  • Science: focus on how children observe and respond to external stimuli, show interest in exploring, and begin to recognize familiar items, people, and situations
  • Social/Emotional: focus on how children indicate their needs to their caregivers, respond to stimuli, and learn to self-comfort