Ages & Adult-to-Child Ratios

33 months - 4 years


Our Teachers

We want to form a partnership with you to provide the best experience for your child. We have an educated staff who continue to devote time to continuing education so they are well trained on individual learning styles and needs of all children.

Developmental Focus

We work together with families to help support each child to grow, develop and learn while providing opportunities your child will need to:

  • show their eagerness to investigate new things,
  •  engage in play with peers for extended periods of time 
  • experiment with new ways to combine materials 
  • contribute relevant information to discussions

Learning Areas

We work every day to make each interaction a learning moment for your child. Our areas of learning for infants include:

  • Art: focus on how children intentionally use the arts, develop vocabulary to describe their own creations and begin to combine artistic elements
  • Language: express their wants and needs more clearly and in greater complexity. Show enjoyment in being read to and may read the pictures or retell the stories in books they know well. Begin to make sense of letters and print as they play with reading and writing
  • Mathematics: Use their ever-increasing vocabulary of mathematical terms to describe and make sense of their world. They recite numbers and count objects with one-to-one correspondence. Identify geometric shapes and develop sorting strategies
  • Physical Movement: focus on how children show their increasing coordination and balance as they walk, run, climb, hop, jump and gallop, kick, throw, catch and bounce balls. How they use their hands and fingers to manipulate puzzle pieces, to draw and wrote, and to dress themselves.
  • Science: Gain knowledge and formulate questions, making plans and predictions, and verbally expressing their ideas and thoughts
  • Social/Emotional: Show confidence and self-direction, identify self as part of a family, community, and culture, ability to make choices, verbal expression of needs and emotions and beginning to manage conflicts in social interactions