Ages & Adult-to-Child Ratios

16 - 33 months


Our Teachers

We want to form a partnership with you to provide the best experience for your child. We have an educated staff who continue to devote time to continuing education so they are well trained on individual learning styles and needs of all children.

Developmental Focus

We work together with families to help support each child to grow, develop and learn while providing opportunities your child will need to:

  • how they are beginning to examine the characteristics of objects
  • make some independent choices
  • handle transitions 
  • seek out others to play and carry out play plans
  • pretend
  • identify and communicate about problems  

Learning Areas

We work every day to make each interaction a learning moment for your child. Our areas of learning for infants include:

  • Art: begin to explore art materials including finger paint, crayons, music, dancing and clay
  • Language: grow in their capabilities to express themselves in words and phrases. Engage with word play, songs and rhymes. Make initial attempts at writing as they scribble and draw with various writing tools.
  • Mathematics: focus on imitation of counting and early understanding of one-to-one correspondence, awareness of empty and full, following simple patterns, beginning awareness of shape and place in space, and matching and sorting
  • Physical Movement: How they are beginning to walk, climb, run, and jump, to roll, push, and throw balls, to use their hands and fingers to manipulate books, crayons, blocks and other items, and to participate in dressing and personal hygiene
  • Science: Seek out items of interest, begin to use items as tools, use simple strategies to carry out ideas and build on past experiences 
  • Social/Emotional: Beginning to attempt new challenges, use words to express needs and emotion, to follow simple routines, and engage in parallel play