The Y’s Active Older Adult programs accommodate a wide variety of interests and functional abilities of older adults. Active Older Adults programs are free to members and include water exercise, strength building, stability gaining, yoga and stretching classes. The Cook County Y also offers socialization opportunities for older adults.


Gentle Yoga

Focuses on slow stretches, flexibility, and deep breathing to help reduce stress. This class includes safe and gently moves that enhance the flexibility of your spine and the muscles that control it.


Water Aerobics

Low impact, therapeutic, aerobic, and strength conditioning class.



The practice of rhythmic breathing, posture and mental focus, using movement and sounds.


Personal Training and Buddy Training

Buddy Training is great for those who have wish to accomplish a common goal. Buddy training helps keep individuals accountable and on track of their training. Buddy Training groups can also specialize on certain types of training such as Kettlebells, TRX, and plyometric training.