This is a year-round program for individuals interested in developing quality gymnastics skills while instilling the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Our competitive program is governed by the USA Gymnastics Xcel Program; which provides gymnasts with a more adaptive experience in a competitive realm, and an opportunity for a rewarding ongoing gymnastics experience.

Our competitive program has five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. In that order, each level increases in difficulty and time commitment. It is recommended to participate in a few sessions of a recreational class before registering for our Duluth YMCA ‘Aerials’ Competitive Program.


 We are ready to welcome your gymnast back to practice! We have taken the steps to ensure gymnasts and staff are able to maintain a safe and healthy environment while performing gymnastics. Please review the our Pandemic Response and Preparedness Plan by clicking the button below

Gymnastics Response & Preparedness Plan


We welcome all athletes ages 5 and older with at least one session of recreational gymnastics experience to our team. Registration is only available May - early August each year. Once the roster closes August 7, 2020 new athletes will not be able to join until May 2021.

When you join the team, you are committing to the full year-long season. Because of this, registration is not available online. Contact the Woodland Community Center Director, Brittany Thibert to sign up: 218.464.5172 or

Bronze | 3.5 hrs/week | Ages 5+ 
Anyone with no prior competitive experience can join Bronze. Participants transferring from a JO program must be in current level 1 or 2.
YMCA MEMBER: $65.00/month
COMMUNITY: $91.00/month

Silver | 4 hrs/week | Ages 6+
Anyone with no prior competitive experience can join Silver. Participants transferring from a JO program must be in current level 1, 2, or 3.
YMCA MEMBER: $81.00/month
COMMUNITY: $115.00/month

Gold | 6 hrs/week | Ages 7+ 
31.00 All Around score, or 8.0 Individual Event Specialist in Silver Division or be at level 3 or 4 if transferring from a JO program.
YMCA MEMBER: $143.00/month
COMMUNITY: $206.00 month

Platinum | 7 hrs/week | Ages 8+
31.00 All Around score, or 8.0 Individual Event Specialist in Gold Division or be at level 5 or 6 if transferring from a JO program.
YMCA MEMBER: $172.00/month
COMMUNITY: $245.00 month

Diamond | 7 hrs/week | Ages 9+
31.00 All Around score, or 8.0 Individual Event Specialist in Platinum Division or be at level 7-10 if transferring from a JO program.
YMCA MEMBER: $172.00/month
COMMUNITY: $245.00/month


Aerials Gymnastics Summer Camp

A week of gymnastics combined with summer camp fun! Registration is open for Members and Community (must be registered on the Aerials gymnastics team).

YMCA Member Fee: $195.00

YMCA Community Fee: $225.00

Please check back for 2021 dates!        9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Summer Practice (June 3-August 30)

Bronze: Mon, Wed 5:00-7:00 pm

Silver: Mon, Wed 5:00-7:30 pm

Gold/Platinum: Mon, Wed, Thu 5:30-8:00 pm

Diamond: Mon, Wed, Thu 5:30-8:30 pm


School Year Practice (Sept 8-May 21)

Bronze: Tue, Thu 4:00-5:45 pm

Silver: Tue, Thu 6:00-8:00 pm

Gold: Wed, Fri 5:00-8:00 pm

Platinum: Wed, Fri 5:00-8:30 pm

Diamond: Wed, Fri 5:00-8:30 pm

Our competitive season is September-April. A finalized schedule will be released in September. The majority of our meets take place in the Twin Cities region.

We typically offer 1-2 meets per month during the competitive season. Gymnasts do not have to attend every meet, but there may be meets that you will be required to attend, including the State Meet if your child qualifies.

Meet schedules are provided by the host team 1 - 4 weeks prior to the meet. Typically a meet will be scheduled for the duration of the weekend, but your child will only be scheduled for one session on one day during that duration. You are not required to attend the full meet, but you must stay for the entire duration of your session including awards. Sessions are usually around 6 hours.

USA Gymnastics Membership ($61.00) Due July 31st

This membership is required for all gymnasts competing in our Xcel Program. USA Gymnastics is the entity that governs competitions and competitors in the sport.  Athletes must be a USAG member to compete in sanctioned events.

MN State Head Tax ($15.00) Due July 31st

This fee is assessed to all gymnasts in order to keep our state’s gymnastics program running.

Competition Attire Due August 31st

Bronze and Silver levels ($80): a deposit of $40 as well as a rental fee of $40 will be collected for each leotard per season. The leotard will need to be returned at the end of the season. If it is returned in the same shape it was issued in, the deposit will be returned or carried over for the next year. If there is damage, the family will be charged the price to replace the leotard. We will try to purchase new leotards every 2 years, and have a leotard swap the year in between.

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ($80-100): athletes will be required to purchase their own competition leotard. Information for which leotard to purchase will be sent out to families.

Warm up jackets ($60) Order forms will go out in September.

Optional purchase.

Meet Fees ($55 - $100) Competition fees are due as requested by the Host Team

These registration-type fees are collected by the host team to help cover the cost of judges, awards, etc. A $5 “coaches fee” will be automatically added to each meet fee for team/coach expenses.

Travel (expenses vary)

As with most sports, gymnastics requires some traveling. You can expect to travel several times per season.  Since each family is responsible for making their own travel arrangements, it is impossible to estimate the cost of travel. The amount depends on each family’s needs, just please be aware some traveling expenses may be incurred. Typically, meets will not require lodging.